Brad Mehldau - Live in Tokyo

HAHAHA respec!!

Pozz dis vill prepare moi foh da April show 8)

Yeah i should have uplaoded this last weekend sorry :blush:

No worries. I have all this stuff lying around and it’s absolutely no bother to post.



i’ve been obsessing with the Meldau/Metheny cd i just baught and I still can’t stop listening to day is done

i’ll post actually.

Hey Chris - any chance of a re-up? I heard the Nick Drake “River Man” at a friend’s recently and it pretty much knocked me out. Brad gets into a whole other world with plenty of orchestral layering, and you can tell Brad has studied both Rocky and Scriabin…Drake was a very interesting artist, definitely worth investigation. I saw a bio dvd on him that was very tastefully done and I would definitely recommend to everyone…unfortunately, like Nick’s life, the dvd is a bit short…A Skin Too Few: The Days of Nick Drake (2000). thanks, sousa

man nick drake iz zum awesome sheeyat for zure

I believe it’s still up

Fruit tree is a MUST have