Brad Mehldau Solo

IMO, SOLO is where Mehldau does some of his most impressive work. Enjoy:





Elegiac cycle is a really unique original Mehldau series. Listen to it beginning to end, it’s great.

With Live in Tokyo, go for Monk’s Dream and Paranoid Android. Then follow it up with 50 ways to leave your lover, and Someone to watch over me. Classic Mehldau. Inventive but disciplined.

Live in Marciac is one of Mehldau’s best Solo concerts. He lets loose a bit more here than in Tokyo, and does some really amazing things. Resignation is pure genius. My favourite things is timeless, and there’s not a weak track among the rest.

10 Years Solo Live: Good set, but kind of uneven. Highlights are: And I Love Her, Hey you, Smells like Teen Spirit, My Favourite Things, Teardrop, Interstate Love Song, and God only knows. But it’s all pretty good.

After these I’ll post a few collaborative albums, then I’ll post some of my favourite radio and audience recs.

Wow, Chris. Thanks. I’ve been enjoying The Art of Trio series.

Tru, Mehldau iz a legend. If dere’z interezt I cud ztart pozting sheeyat from other current jazz mofoz. (Tru I ztudied jazz and know more about it than clazzical randomly)