Brad Mehldau Trio

These are my favourite Mehldau Trio albums. I’ll post my favourite solo and collaborative albums in their own threads.


[Vol. 1 has a great Blackbird, and Vols 2-5 are perfect]


[Knives out and Day is Done are incredible tracks. She’s Leaving Home and 50 ways to… are also some of their best work]


[Wonderwall is so good, but O que sera and Black Hole Sun are my favourites. The very thought of you is nice too. ]

The live rec is amazing.
I grabbed the others when you posted them previously but I haven’t listened to them closely yet.

Thank you, Chris. Looking forward to these.

I have recently listened to a couple of tracks from his last disc (Seymour reads the Constitution!). Great stuff.

I listened to it the other day and liked it, although I don’t really like hearing pianos mic’d this way (even in Jazz).
I’ve enjoyed the two times I’ve heard him solo, but trio’s really where it’s at.