Brahms Balladen... wich one?

for a competition…

1round… BachWTK, 2 chopets

2round BRABAL, 2 etudes from liszt, scrib, or rach

3round, free choice piece no more than 15 mins long (pozz mezz10)


for some reason i really don’t like that one, it sounds like much of a lesser work than all the others from 118

and from the 4 balladen, the one in b minor is pretty awesome, the one that more of a technical challenge than the others. or the slow one with the syncopated octaves (i’ve played through these once, but never really listened to them)


i forgot…

it must be from the 4 ballades…

so 118/3 cannot be…

and no.3 is actually Intermezzo, so i guess i should also discard it

the second one is my favourite, I’d play that.

I would play 3rd one.
btw. Is this competition in Germany? I saw prepositions; my friend went on that 2 years ago - it seems that they like fast-fingers-type-of-pianists…


da 3rd is randomly Intermezzo…

so i’m not sure that it really counts as “ballade”

i’d do 10/2

and i’ll sell you my fingerings for mezz 10 if you want it

can i pay with ziffros? :wink:

I love the first and second ballade.