Brahms exercises and the Paganini Variations

Will doing the Brahms exercises help develop the technique required for the Paganini Variations? Somebody said that after intense work on the exercises the Variations were easier. Opinions please!

You’ll get the technique required for the Paganini Variations from practicing the Paganini Variations.

/end of discussion.

haha ownage, but seriously, i completely agree. just sit down and crank it out.

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Thanks Nicco! It certainly makes sense to me. Thanks for sharing your opinion with me!

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since it’s been brought up, how are the brasercises? Do they do anything for ones tech outside of the others? What do you think of them?

Imo they work more on flexibility of the fingers and the hands than anything else (don’t get me wrong, which is wonderful), no raw dex or speed. And yes they do amazing work for the Paganini vars.

Brahms ex. are very good for playing Brahms 8), I don’t get the feeling I ‘learn enough’ from doing only the Brahms ex as technical warmups everyday. They’re very moosical though, some are even quite nice to listen to when you’re playing. (for a tech ex, that is)

Another thing is that you actually have to take the time to actually learn most of them. You can’t quasi sight-read through the book and play them everyday to gain technical advantage like Hanon f.i.

juz practice da hardcore vars from Book II, handz separate 8)

I use a selection of them as part of my daily exercises. Get a good warm supple feeling afterwards. Makes tenths feel very comfortable.

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Man, da Brahms Paganini Book 2 was a real fucker to play!
Book 1 is even worse? Daim, I gotta try that shit.

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