Brahms Rhap Op. 79/2 Attempt

For some reason, the piano sounds less good in the Schubert.
Maybe it’s just that the acoustics are more noticeable?

I really don’t know, the two recs were made in exactly the same way…maybe it’s just my playing, haha…acoustics and piano were certainly not ideal for Schubert. Because some lower registers of the piano sounded too dominant and too thick, I had to use less pedal than average at some places to try to get the balance right. But this makes the sound too “dry” sometimes.

Strangely enough, YT thinks the Schubert is played by a certain Dieter Zechlin. I’ll take the video down, it’s not worth the trouble of a dispute. I’ll try to re-record the Schubert at some point, perhaps on another instrument.