Brahms Rhap Op. 79/2 Attempt

I recorded this two days ago with two RØDE Microphones, in one take.
No mattah how many times I tried, I kept missing some of those damn left hand octave leaps :blush:
Volume is a bit low but sound quality is acceptable I think

Will give this a listen tonight!

Honestly, I didn’t even notice the missed notes.

Sounds good!

Dat 88 has a nice deep bazz growl!

Tant mieux! :slight_smile:
These mikes are not bad, I think made in Australia…

Thanks, it’s a Hamburg Steinway B with a lovely sound, but she doesn’t like the rainy season here in Japan - the action becomes problematic…

Diz in a a pro studio?

Dayum - datz a smooth sounding 88 - how’s da action?

Nope, home rec. :slight_smile:
Action is tough as hell. Like I said, rain season. There’s no sophisticated climate control possible in the space it’s in - too expensive.

I don’t mind a heavy action for practice.

My home Yamaha is extra sensitive and strings break very easily. They are all rusted through and need replacement.
Also the action is fucked beyond belief.


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it remind moi of da bezt GREG FURY CLAZZIX randomly


da BRA pic chozen fo diz unleazh iz alzo quite befittin zince

he bazically look lyk a fuckin TROLL dere 8)

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Glad you do!

Thankz Zepp!
I guess I wuz a bit out of zteam after trying so many takez…
In a performanze, I’ll try to give it moah a Zepp-ztyle wild RAPE quality!

In da zame zession I also recorded this Boo-shirt be flat Imp:

Truuu, do a cold unleazh zum tym!


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