britney spears


1st off - she is hot

2ndly - she is a fairly good singa

but 3rdly - i tink her latest album is da fuckin SHITS

personal fave - is da file i sent da RACK

i sent dis song to da rack and he was like jerkin off to it

so dats cool

dat song is da - ive got dat BOOM BOOM

dats rite 8)

dis chix can play da piano :

“I will now amaze you all by playing the piano…with my breasts!”
(dis iz da real caption)

hahahahaha, dayum dis just makez me luv her moooo!

I need to borrow this for a second, comme.




HAHAHAHAHAHHH[03:10] k-nar: u ain’t a fan of britney?
[03:10] hahahaha, she iz FAT
[03:11] why dont you go outside and play hide and go fuck yourself: hahahaha DYAUM
[03:11] k-nar: [
[03:11] k-nar: hahaha
[03:12] gagagaga dayumn
[03:12] but she can’t play for shit
[03:14] … maud_4.jpg
[03:14] hahaha fuck
[03:15] why dont you go outside and play hide and go fuck yourself: naaahhahahahaa i forgot i made a topic about dat biatch
[03:15] hahhahahaa
[03:15] k-nar: hahaha
[03:15] this iz da only white chick i would choose over hot asians
[03:16] … helen3.jpg

[size=150]mothafucka GENIUZ!!![/size]


She’s not a good singer, she has good editors that’s all.

pozzibly, but hu givz a fuck 8)

I prefer aguilera

da aguilera ownz da britney wit her singing.
brilliant sheeyat.

I was talking about appearence as well


also tru.


actually popl neva mention dat her name iz spear

n a spear iz unwillingly inserted into da flesh

so in a way itz a SEXUL TURNON

she’s hot, don’t get me wrong, but she is a tier below christina

Hahah just one tier below? That biah looks up to a snake, if you wanna give her a level.

P.S. She ain’t even that hot 8)