This thread is for audio / video broadcasts that people might want to capture


ooh, sum1 recorde dis tyson pleas, interesting fella


Diz mofo plays insanely wikid.

another Tyson on the BBC tomorrow … ve?id=3632

Fyi, I believe there will be a live stream of Beatrice Rana playing Anima’s favourite concerto the Tchaikovsky First at 19h. I’m not 100% sure as my Finnish is worse than my Swedish and those are the only language options on this site.

So I missed this.
I just tuned in an it was Mahler (I think).
Hopefully the concert will be available on replay.

There is a volodos ravel concerto floating around in march sometime.

I hate that piece (unless it’s the LH).

Maybe not hate, but I’ve grown tired of it as well. There’s only so much you can do with it, and once you know it it begins to feel a little superficial. Still a great concerto, but the LH one is an entirely different matter for me too. If Volodos plays that, it’s definitely exciting (even though I can’t see me ever abandoning my beloved KZ/Boulez on DG).

Yeah I was sad about it too. It’s a faceless piece somehow after being banged out so many times. Both hands one

Maybe hate’s too stong a word, but I’m just over that piece.
No pianist could induce me to attend a performance of that.

Yes… I fail to see how the La Martha bunch maintains interest when she just keeps playing this, the Prok-3 and the Schumann over and over again. The Prok-3 is a bit similar, it’s exciting etc but it’s so self evident that everyone sound about the same in it. In all fairness Argerich has branched out a little again in recent years though, and she plays a lot of chamber music, which I rarely listen to.

Yeah she has, which is surprising given her age.
I feel the same about the Prokofiev 3rd, Rana’s playing it here in the coming months but I’m not attending.
I added another concert to my list, Andsnes in the Debussy Fantasie.
I’m not that interested in the piece (I really don’t know it) but since he doesn’t seem to play recitals here, I don’t have a choice.

Prokoffjeff will never forgive me for this, but Andsnes is terribly overrated IMO. A Norwegian collector I was in touch in the mid 00s knew him personally and sent me a lot of material with him then, and I’ve seen him thrice in concert, but to my ears he’s dull and unremarkable - like all Scandinavian pianists. Still, Bo obviously likes him, and another friend in France very much does too so perhaps you’ll find something there which escapes me.

I’ve only heard him in concerti and chamber music, and honestly the Beethoven 3rd I heard from him was better than Volodos.
He also played the 2nd and 4th that night but I can’t really remember what I thought of them apart from not liking him starting the cadenza of the G major concerto slowly.
I missed seeing him in the 1st and Emperor because I went back to Australia that week (pretty much exactly 3 years ago) so I gave the ticket to my girlfriend.
I can see where you’re coming from, however. I sometimes find him underwhelming, but also fantastic when he’s at his best. Kinda like Berezovsky, although they’re very different pianists.

Tony and I played a little game a few years ago where he uploaded an anonymous recording and I tried to guess who was playing. What was surprising to me was that the gender of the pianist turned out to be surprisingly hard to guess, whereas nationality and year of recording turned out to be surprisingly easy. I don’t think the nationality has to do with a certain national “school” or tradition of playing, I think the same part of the brain is at work when making music as when speaking (or rather I know that it is, since I’ve seen studies on it) and that your linguistic dialect as it were hence also colors the music. I wonder if that’s why I find Scandinavians so pointless, since they feel a little too close to home somehow. I have the same issue with Ohlsson for instance (who’s American, but of Swedish heritage and who does speak Swedish). Though I’d guess probably not… I have heard some genuinely great playing by Pär Lund, and some very good playing - at least - from Peter Jablonski. Even though even with them it’s more the exception than rule.

I wouldn’t be able to recognise an Australian pianist, but our “culture” definitely isn’t tied to art music (or art in general).
I like Jablonski btw, as you probably already know.
You have great opera singers though; Nilsson, Gedda and the incomparable Bjorling, who’s probably my favourite singer in any genre after Callas.

Yes, I’ve never heard any of them. Wonder if I’d feel the same there.

Try these:

Hmm, I didn’t know Ducksburg has such a great operatic tradition!