Brokeback Mountain

one of da most touching movies really … not only da 2 lovahs but da wifez and da parentz and da bitch in love wit Ennis and da kidz … and da whole story …


tiz a gud movie

not my cup of tea.

boring az fuck :comme: :comme: :comme:

i guess it’z a good movie when u iz gay.

not exactly , when u iz gay , ud love to see any gay themed movie , but u can ztill find diz movie az a good 1 when u’re str8 …


iz u str8 ?

letz zay da answah iz quite “yes” now…

aharr, so you was tempted by da serpent, saw brokeback mountain, didn’t like the ending and decided to change ur sexual orientation?

da answer waz “no” before?


not really . ok letz zay diz way , i never had sex wit a guy and at the moment i can only do dat to a gurl, but i have some gay friendz and dey r really smart and intelligent and i have nothing against homosexualism , but still i find the marriage thing is fake and unneccesary :slight_smile:

u iz too little to talk to da zupah !

Yeah ur right, all u need is a stake a crucifix, and an exorcist to stamp out dose filthy homosexualistic ids…next an inquisition to convert dem to heterosexualism… :wink:

boring 8)

for those of u who wanna watch this movie.