Brown Roach June 18 1956

WIOR radio broadcast
Continental Restaurant
Norfolk, Virginia
United States of America

June 18th ,1956

Clifford Brown (tp)
Sonny Rollins (ts)
Richie Powell §
George Morrow (b)
Max Roach (d)
Story (announcer) …

Brownie had less than two weeks to live… this band is seemingly unstoppable. Newk is equally killin it, and Richie Powell [also tragically lost in that car accident] was following well in his legendary brother’s footsteps. I can’t imagine how far either would’ve gone… Lots of stretchin goin on here. Dig.

Cool, thanks!

Clifford is one of my very favourites. I think I grabbed this from Dime back in the day. I presume you’re a member? I post Brad Mehldau and Sviatoslav Richter stuff occasionally. Such a great site.

Sweet, thanx a bunch.
I’m finishing a Masterz in jazz performance; I haff a bunch o zhit I could pozt if mofoz are interezted