Buddy Rich - Ease On Down The Road

I uzed to be a Buddy fanatic before i figured out tha 88 exizted


  1. Time Check
  2. Backwoods Sideman
  3. Nuttville
  4. Playhouse
  5. Senator Sam
  6. Big Mac
  7. Three Day Sucker
  8. Ease On Down The Road
  9. Tommy Medley
  10. Pieces Of Dreams
  11. Lush Life
  12. Nik-Nik
  13. Layin’ It Down

track 9 Tommy iz ezzentially wikid

fuckin respec 8)

check this… cis.rit.edu/~ejipci/buddy_rich.htm classic. sousa

rezpec i heard thiz before and Koji randumly pozt this awhile back

def zum classic sheeyatz