Building a PC

Tru, any SDC membaz into PC building or follow PC tech sheeyat?
The new Ryzen processors were released today and looks like they woop intels ass, even the lowest tier 5600x for $300 outperforming the top Intel chips. Im building a PC right now, and I just bought a Ryzen 3800x on sale last month, but I think I will return it (yay amazon return policy) and get a new zen3 chip once they are in stock (who knows when). Would be interested to dizcuzz parts and sheeyat if anyone else is interested in this!


I’m not a tech fanatic or anything, but I built a new PC earlier this year:

Ryzen 5 3600X
Asus PRIME B450+ mobo

I don’t overclock or do any gaming (being a humourless mofo) mostly video and audio work.

Came in just under £1000 and I’m delighted with it. One thing I did fall foul of (despite checking with the manufacturer) - the mobo loses two SATA ports if you use the M.2 SSD port. So after carefully buying a mobo with 6x SATA, I still had to buy a PCIx expansion card :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Daim. I just got a MAC :dong:


I have a feud with that dude. He doesn’t know about it but it cuts deep.


Built my first one this summer with the Ryzen 7 3700x and a Tomahawk Max mobo - has been working great!


I bought a dell alienware mid level thing a while back to avoid driver issues and general pain of building. Still all the same problems ; )

Fuck dis pandemic shit! I now have backorders on da amd 5600x cpu and da 6800 xt gpu dat released dis month. Apparently fuckt supply chain + massive working-from-home demand is creating da perfect storm

Is this comp for gaming?

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Hahaha da Fake haz had da same laptop since 2010 and it now crazhez when I try to join a Zoom meeting :dong:

ya, gaming and work. I get an urge to binge game every year around christmas holidays :whale: even though I dont really have time for it anymore :frowning:
I had a gaming laptop previously (bought in 2012, but it still could play most games), but that bricked itself a few months ago. So this time Im going all in on a desktop build…well for the cpu and gpu at least, will try to find deals on the other parts.

hahaha da pain is tru. right now Im trying to work from home on my wifes old imac. Sometimes it will take me 10 minutes to boot up Microsoft Teams to join a meeting. Luckily I mostly use it to just Remote Desktop to my work office PC (which dey dont want us to take home…cuz cuntz…)

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Damn son, you married?

Any bratty lil TRUMOFOs running around n talking shit? :sunglasses:

Also, my first thought was this thread is about building PC muscles :man_facepalming:

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Tru I have an almost-2-year-old who just pulled my motherboard box off the table and onto the floor :man_facepalming:

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