Busoni exercise book

has anyone here tried busoni technical book?

I’ve just spent some time on these, and there is a lot of great info as well in the preface to mine.

They claim that if you find the inner law of each study in these piece, you get the same kind of benefit from studying Bach inventions if you unlock the secret or understand the logic of them. He


I tried some on first page, and others throughout book, I think they are very interesting and good and will add them to my technique warmups.


I personally never worked on finger exercises because there are plenty of unique challenges in the rep I like to tackle anyway, but it could be useful for some people.

Techs don’t necessarily apply from position to position, that’s what makes some well know hard ass spots in standard rep so hard. Imo

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So, you don’t give any of your students Czerny, et. al?

Very rarely… most of my students are here just to have some fun. It’s USA! (And that’s fine).

I’d put Czerny on a rank significantly higher than any dry finger exercise tho. Many of them got some interesting and unexpected changes in patterns and have real musical value.

Doing some Bach is an amazing pure finger work booster too. The Gigue from the Bach Partita 5 is some of the craziest short spazz trilling sheeyat there is

Well, yeah. Czerny is a actually a decent composer.



Btw the Chopin Etudes are crazy difficult precisely because those techs are unique and are really not found anywhere else in the literature

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Only techniques you’ll need:


Is there an etude for fists?

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Yeah, I think it’s smart to play Beethoven Dances, Schubert Dances/Waltzes, and Czerny ofc, because there is a lot of patterns found that are very practical.

This book is not practical, but, I think will increase your technique, and just overall skills, it also helps make aware your deficient areas.

Yeah you could find some benefits there.

Here is how I see it.

Busoni = Genius God Pianist

these are his important realizations he thought that were worth writing down, and things that free up technique in itself. The preface writer basically compares their value to Bach Inventions, which is kind of insane, but, I can see where he is coming from.

I’ve come up with some good experiments and ideas (that i’m sure other ppl have came to same ones), that I would like to share and think are good, but, I know Busoni has even better ones is why I’m gonna do it daily (just a little bit).

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Yeah see where they take you.

Busoni was one of the first pianists to perform all the Chopin Etudes, Chopin Preludes, and Liszt Etudes in concert

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I poss ahead of my time.

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All the best Suzu stuff is uncensored as it was made for export