Busoni PC Sheets

I just heard Hamelin crank out this monster. I found badly scanned sheets on the internet, and would like a clearer version. Does anyone have it?

Umm…before you come into a forum and start begging people for shit, why don’t you make some fuckin’ posts/threads? Then we’ll consider your “needs”. Fuckin’ needy lurkers, always coming here with nothing to offer and only things to gain.

hahahahahahahahaha, da nigga haz a point 8)

so sez some random mofo wit liek 80 posts

I was thinking u were talking about the Chairman himself.

Whose contribution is just some crappy recording with 32kbps lasts 30 sec

From the another hand, he has got stuff from me in the unit of 10Gbs.

And u expect generousity from someone u found in the root of this hypocrisy and greediness?

I don’t think so.

hahahahahaha, da nigga