Cadenzas for Mozart piano concerto in c minor...

i had no idea where to request… so i just putted the thread here…

anyone has sheetmusic of any cadenza for this concerto?

thanks in advance… :comme:

I played the Kempff, but don’t know if it’s every been notated.

I played the Badura-Skoda. I believe it was in this book LINK

I borrowed it though, so I don’t have a copy to scan/upload.

I played the Hummel , Zacharias and Badura-Skoda and a leech from Sokolov and Uchida rec , the best options are the last two , or the Hummel , The Badura-Skoda is just an ugly cadenza for me , I can send you the whole book with his cadenzas if u wanted. but recommend grab the sokolov one.

I rather liked the Hummel–

i wonder which cadanza did gould played in hiz rec in the 80cd set
i am obzezzing ovah dat performance

sure??? i looked trough that book and i didn’t find any cadenza or i must be dumbass, but i’m sure there wasn’t any for 24.

I have a rec of de LARROCHA where she plays a wonderful cadenza. Sounds Beeth-made.
I Transcribed it by ear, i wonder if anyone knows who composed that. I doubt it was the pianist herself

where might one obtain the sokolov cadenza

I’m sure that Cortot wrote an awesome 12-tone cadenza that you could use…