Camel Dick Masterclass on Nubb Fantasy

Way hands on and filled with interesting ideas

Yeah, how about posting a rec in the recs sect instead of just leeching?

Who is this dude to get an elite membership anyway? 8)

Where the hell are all the original SDC members?

We have these no-names on here now who don’t even know the lingo go for fuck’s sake 8)

Lame as a monkey’s rectum.

The lingo is dead bro :comme:


Anybody want Crunk Hits 2005?

The DSL makes it a pain but will post something later methinks

DSL - dick sucking lesbians.

Tru, I had da DSL a decade ago, dat fucker was like 300 K down and 20 k up FUCK

I’m happy to get those speeds at my current place.
I can’t even download 1G without the wifi dropping out 10 times.

Holy fuck.

I’m thinking of doing a remake of da TRUMOFO fury vids to boost SDC activity. 8)

They’re a bit like watching Rudy’s Rach 2 meltdown so a remake might not have the desired effect. :tm:

dat rudy Rach 2… my fucking god.

the real horror is when da orch helps his ass out and juz goes to da next sect, and he forgets that too.

my…fucking god…

I could never watch it more than once.
A bit like the TM vids. 8)