Can Brahmz' Symphoniez be cuntvincingly tranzcribed fo piano?

da Zingah haf decent tranzez ov deze, but I’m zhor zum mofo cud expand on dem and make dem mo 88-orcheztral

Iz diz an endeavour worth purzuin or juz an exercize in pointlezznezz?

Poll cummah :sunglasses:

  • Pointlezz
  • Cud be WIKID if a beefiah tranz cummah

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Defintely can be done well

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Been liztenin to Brahmz 3rd a lot da lazt couple dayz.

Alwayz loved da 1zt n 4th.

2nd I haf yet to love but gonna make an effort diz week.

Kleiber is your man. There’s even a vid, if you’re so inclined.

Did you DL that Naxos set of Brahms four hand piano arrangements I posted? It’s all very convincingly played.


Didn’t Biret attempt this?

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Tru I didn’t dive deep but enjoyed dem. I am particularly interezted in zolo 88 though bcuz I find no matta how in-zync 2 pianiztz are dey can’t match da magic ov a zolo pianizt.

Little zubtletiez and idiozyncraciez are mizzing, part ov da reazon I love and lizten to da Katzariz :nigga: :pimp: zet zo much.

I alzo enjoy da idiomatic differencez it offerz interpretively becuz dere are zheeyatz u can do on an 88 and not in an Orch n vice verza.

HAHAH fuck tru I vil lizten now

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I am waiting for a good recording of the Brahms symphonies arranged for piano left hand by Godowsky…:laughing:



Too bad she didn’t do Sym’s. 1 and 2 as well

Hahah that was a joke tru

I think two piano or four hands transcriptions are better than solo transcription. You lost too many things if transcribe to solo piano.


Better in zum wayz but note wut I zaid above

can any 4hand rec ov da :nigga::pimp:z match da KAT allein?

I guess it depends on what you’re looking for in hearing a transcription. If you want details and a more faithful representation of the original score in reduced form, then sure a four hand version will give that more effectively.

But if you’re interested in performance art, interpretation, and recreation or synthesis of an original orchestral score, then solo is preferable. The sheer act of a single person playing music written for an entire orchestra is itself a dramatic act, especially when the version being played isn’t just a basic piano reduction but a real transcription for piano that takes advantage of the instrument to compensate for what is lost from the lack of an orchestra.


I’ve said it before. The best recording of the LvB symphonies I’ve heard is by Cyprien Katsaris. The Pastoral symphony in particular is simply a better piece on piano.

Idil Biret has done the Brahms symphonies however, and there I did miss the orchestra.


A wikid tranz and perf


Strongly agree. Is it true that out of the whole cycle he only played the Eroica in concert? Would love to hear a live version of him in 7 and 9.

Liszt > Biret


He has only played the Allegretto from the 7th live alas

He otherwise did Pastoral live 1979-1984, and Eroica 1986-1987

Any extant recordings of the live 6th? I wonder if the embellishments are the same as in the studio recording.

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Zpeakin ov tranz

I haf alwayz LOVED diz movement, X - wut do u think it wud zound lyk fo 88?

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