Can you ID this? --Fantastic Baroque music from trailer--

Background from the trailer for THE LAST MISTRESS (Une vieille maîtresse).

From 0:36 onwards, though I believe the first excerpt is from the same piece. … s/trailer/

Sounds italian. If I had to guess I would say Vivaldi. But what do I know…

I am obsessed with this. Help!

You’re obsessed with THAT?

A bit wtf

I believe this is one of the later variations of Corelli’s La Folia. It’s DEF a chaconne/passacaglia, and it sounds based on the main theme anyway.

And what’s wrong with this Chris? I love it.

Sound nice to me too.

Sure it’s lovely, but it doesn’t seem to me like music worth obsessing over.

i want to see the movie!

LOL. I saw your avatar and I was sure to find my answer…

As much as I used to hate baroque when I had to play if for exams. Now ìt’s taking over me. French, Italian, German – all of it…

Hmm, I believe you are right.



It turns out this is a popular folk theme.

Was used by several composers (Scarlatti, Lully, Bach, Vivaldi to name a few). Later picked by Liszt, Rachmaninov…

As this version reminded me of Vivaldi, I believe it is his… To be confirmed.

haha im watching this right now. Its pretty good. 19th century whores are da bomb! :whale:

JP - you might want to look into lots of composers who whored the “La folia” theme in their compositions. Like for instance, Rachmaninov’s Variations on a theme of Corelli, op. 42. It’s one of my favourite works.

Yes thanks!

I had found a list of like 50+ composers how used this theme. I’m getting drunk off this!!

I thought everyone would know this theme, apparently not 8). True, the theme got completely whored out, this one sounded most like Corelli’s but I might be completely wrong.

the best version is Liszt imo. I hate the Rachmaninoff variations.

I majored in accounting, that’s probably why I did not know about this.

True, but… IMO some of the baroque writings are as good or better than Liszt’s.

Which work is this? the Liszt I mean… Can’t think of anything he wrote on this theme…

Spanish Rhapsody

Or better known as the Rhapsody Espagnole.

OMG I just never noticed that the span rappa and the corelli vars are based on the same theme :\ .