Carlos Kleiber Biography … 0810881438

Anybody have this book? I’m a big Kleiber fan so I’m thinking of buying it, although the $70 price for a hardcover and $50 for kindle is a bit sheeyat. :whale: I have a kindle and making me pay $50 for some digital download is just :smiling_imp: to all Kleiber fans. :frowning:

Reading around though, apparently da Kleiber thought very highly of da Karajan and would get really pissed whenever people threw around terms like da Karajan zound, because he thought such a profound musical mind had to be judged one performance at a time. Also he thought da Celibidache was sheeyat.

I have this book–I haven’t read too much of it yet, but so far it is really highly revealing to the inner world of a unique personality in a very private man. His word play and observations on many subjects are very entertaining. It is an expensive book, but I find it worth every penny.

If anyone wants to pool money together, I’ll buy the kindle one and remove the DRM and post it here.

I pooled my own $$ together and bought it. It’s a great book so I figured I’d share:

Mobi format. I can post epub if anyone wants it

thanks dude! Gonna read it on the plane.

rezpec, did you scan it yourself?
I was wondering the best way to scan books without having to tear them apart.

Nah, just bought and ripped the kindle copy. It was expensive as balls, but I’m sharing the hell out of it, so at least I get some value for my money.

I’ve scanned a few books before. Each time I chopped the spine, and used scanning / OCR software to automate the process as best as I could. I’d set it to auto scan every 5 seconds, then I’d flip the pages over and over until done. OCR is done concurrently, so it’s mostly done by the time you’ve scanned the last page. Proofreading is the most time-consuming part, but if you scan in high enough res, there should be few errors. You could also send your book to a professional scanning service. It costs a fair bit, but they do a fine job. I’ve had good success with

Cool thanks for that.
I was interesting mainly in scanning books I’ve borrowed from the library so I don’t know if either method is feasible.