CDs for Christmas

I just ordered my Christmas batch of CDs from the Berkshire record outlet:

Solomon: Beethoven Concerto 3, Tchaikovsky Concerto 1
Menuhin: 1940s Franck Violin Sonata
Gieseking: 1930s Beethoven sonata recs
Gilels: Early Tchaik 1
Oistrakh: Brahms Concerto(Revelation)
Gilels: 1948 Saint Saens 2nd Concerto
Wand: Live Bruckner Symphony 8
Solomon: Mozart Concerto 15, 2 Sonatas
Gilels: Mozart Concerto 27 DVD
Jansons: Bruckner Symphony 3 DVD
Celibidache: Bruckner Symphony 7 DVD
Random Messaien Turangalila DVD from Japan

That came to about 90 bucks, and after I spend another 100 at Arkivmusic, my christmas shopping for myself will be complete.

So, what have you all ordered for yourselves?

daim? da mezz? didn’t expect dat :lib:

what performance is it of the messiaen? i recently got a vid of it from japan with myung-whun chung and yukio yokohama and the tokyo philharmonic taped this year on january 24 and another one with thibaudet and chailly from italy from the 1990s.

It’s the Myung-whun Chun. I don’t expect much, but I just sorta wanted to see the whole production on video.

I’m not sure I even truly love the piece… call it an impulse buy… :slight_smile:

the performance is actually very good if you havent seen the piece before. the pianist is really no one special. same for the ondes martinot player. the orchestra is really damn good though. i dont think youll be disappointed because you havent seen it on video before.

daim, da canadian randomly organised. I still haven’t decided what I want. Maybe some Paderewski just because I’ve got nothing of him. Pozz also some backhaus also.

Brew, do you want Wild’s Paderewski concerto? I’ve always been a bit in love with that recording. It’s shamelessly romantic, but I love it anyway.

I bought 7 grad school applications (Adding up to 560$.)

Call me cheap.

that’s not bad. some grad school charges up to $150. da NYU app. fee is a pricey one if i recall.

Thanks. My Stanford app is the most expensive at 105$, but Johns Hopkins is 100$ for what I’m applying for and Harvard is 90$. My safe school is a joke at 40$.

My Arkivmusic order, if anyone cares:

Milstein - Live Bach Solo Violin works in Salzburg(Orfeo)
Solomon - Schubert/Beethoven on TESTAMENT
Kempe - Bruckner 8th
Giulini - Bruckner 8th DVD
Arrau - Live Liszt Sonata etc (Music and Arts)
Richter - Schubert D784, Huttenbrenner vars etc (BBC Legends)
Arrau - Live Brahms Sonata 3, Beethoven Sonata 3(APR)

God I hate 18 dollar CDs - which all of these were. That kind of pricing is just wrong.

that’s a good list esp. the final 3’s


juz d/l dem on da tube :rudy:

yes pls! I’ve only got lane’s version. any recommendations for Paderewski the pianist?

Oh, you meant recordings of Paderewski at the piano… well I tend to stay as far away from his recs as possible. It seems he was a legend in his early years, but the recs I’ve heard of him don’t really do him any favours.

But then, I haven’t really explored his recorded rep very much.

Just a few:
Adolf Busch Schubert recs
Marcelle Meyer - Ses Enregistrements
Daniil Shafran Vol. 2 (Doremi)

  • Arthur Loesser’s WTC whenever it’s out.

I got maself sumting 2 these few days:

  • da Do Re Mi releases of da Richter Volumn 13 y 14
  • R. Serkin plays Schubert sonata A major
  • Hamelin’s relatively new Alkan
  • Arrau plays Schumann concerto y Carnaval DVD

X’mas shopping hasn’t started… dat should be wild…

haha i randomly own dat arrauzal DVD, n randomwly own cdz ov hiz pimpzon n da TEz pluz pozz mo

tru i wuz once 1 ov u :whale:

"pimpzon n da TEz pluz pozz mo " - man, that’s some foreign language to a newbie…

is there a SDC tutorial post?