Celibidache - Bruckner Symphony 8

The greatest recording of what is, in my opinion, the greatest symphony ever composed.

lesdjinns.net/sdcnonpiano/Ce … ny%208.rar

I have a video of this same performance too. Absolutely stunning. Even Furt doesn’t quite measure up.


Let me know what you think of the work itself - apart from the amazing interp Celibidache gives. I think it’s one of the most epic and grandiose of all the symphonies I’ve heard.

13 minz in da 1st mvt, I’d say it’s PURE FUCKIN GENSUI

I’m looking forward to hearin thiz tru.
Vill pozt wat i think of tha zymph tommorow.

Alzo i iz gettin money fo mah birthday and waz thinking of spending it on some Furtwangler, zince i is seriously lackin in furt recordings. Any recommendations? Furtwangler or not, i welcome them.

The best furtwangler you can get is the Music and Arts 4CD set of Wartime Beethoven recordings. And it’s cheap too, like 25 bucks from the amazon marketplace sellers -


respec! i vill get thiz

im listenin to the bruckner. It’s great so far. I’ll haff to zpend mo tym on it of courze before i can make a truly educated judgment.

Tru, I like to have fully memorized a piece before I count myself qualified to judge the interpretation…

ezpecially a piece this long, I’ll have to memorize tha themez n ztructure firzt if i ever hope to fully enjoy it

Very interesting rec.

Chris, do u know the Brucker 8 by Jesús López-Cobos with the Cincinnati Symphony? Totally different from diz rec, but very gud nevertheless (one could say Lopez plays it with more fuuury hehehe, more agressive and faster with a “steel” sound :smiling_imp: whereas Celebidache iz probably more climactic )

Haha, respec for the :stop:

1st mvmt: Celib - 21:33 Lopez - 15:23
4st mvmt: Celib - 32:24 Lopez - 22:19

i iz dlining diz shistiitit. respecticles? RESPECTICLES>

wow i finally just listened to this…amazing! i love hearing things that are new to me and this is pretty much the first attention I’ve paid to Bruckner…

can anyone recommend any other decent recs of this? i would like to compare, although i don’t expect anyone to outdo Celibidache, it may help me notice some new things in this perf…

I’ll post the Furtwangler recording and Celibidache’s earlier Faster recording



oh this is a superb piece if music, thanks a lot chris!

SUCH an EPIC symph.

The 2nd mwt is spiritual.

-da Meph

Ahaha, you hard boiled sdc guys listen devoutly to Bruckner!!! ZTUNNING tru!
It’s my fav symph next to da 4th, Legendary Gensui da countapoint conztrucshn and da climax in da firzt mvt. Celibidache is famouz fo zl*w fury haha. thanx fo zharing diz! :da bruck::da bruck::da bruck:

DAmn I haven’t thanked you for this stuff yet. Uberrespect man, I LOVE this symphony now, been listening to it ALL week.

Hahahaha EXACTLY. I can’t imagine any pianists not loving this piece. It’s just so perfect.

fuck diz sheeyat iz so epic