Cheap 88 keyboard that doesn't suck, is there such a thing?

Hi SDC, I think most of you have been through college before so I’m hoping someone knows an answer to this question.

Right now I’m a college sophomore, I live in a dorm which has a practice room with a good piano (some Yamaha upright, anyway no complaints). All I have to do is to accept that sometimes the room will be occupied by other pianists (and mostly clowns playing stupid shit like River Flows in You and Heart and Soul etc) and it’s great.

However next year I’ll be moving out to live in a house with a bunch of friends and I’m wondering how I’ll be able to solve the practicing problem. Did you guys buy your own keyboards or did you have to walk all the way to the music building to get some good practice time in? If it’s the former, is there a keyboard model you can recommend? I did a quick search on Amazon and most of the popular keyboard models don’t even have 88 keys.

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You probably won’t practice if you’re living with your buds.

I’d be interested in answers to this too as I’m planning to move to da mart land in the second half of the year and will be in an appartment.
Do any mofos here actually have a dig?

Derez a nice keyboard that’s rather nice if you can’t get a real 88.

It’s from a Chinese company called “Fazioli”. Their F 308 model is somewhat decent, in my opinion. But make sure you alzo play a real 88 every once in a while; the plastic keyboard is going to destroy your technique otherwise.

I’ve got a Yamaha p115 which for me had the best sound and touch.
Usually around AU$800


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im quite happy with my yamaha cp4, dno if thats in your range, but its light to take with you and one of the better touches i have played on. going back to a real piano happens pretty naturally after, but you do notice of course that a lot of subtleties need to be adjusted again

im not a huge fan of the piano sound, but i went purely for the action since i have to switch between dig and acoustic so often

haha shit i did not know this was from almost 3 yrz ago :sunglasses:

haha back when I could still play piano, now my rh won’t even let me play easy sheeyat.

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