Chinese DONGAH Article

Anybody here fluent in Chinese? :dong:

I found this totally by accident…don’t ask how.

:dong: “You see, when my father opened this store 30 years ago, he cared about only one thing: making a great cup of coffee. [moves to his left, towards a backdrop containing lovely rolling hills and a rainbow. A soothing acoustic tune comes up] Sure, we may take a little longer to brew a cup, and we may not call it fancy names, but I guess we just care a little more. [a cart of beans rolls up to him] And that’s why Dongah Coffee is still home-brewed from the finest beans we can muster. Yes, Dongah Coffee is a simpler cup, for a simpler America”



Just like the “Shanghai Concerto?”


“It pack a major punch…This roast I name ‘Two Hands Fighting’. I rike it rike I rike my men: strong and brack.”

tiz ztill ol zhit about da Dongah’z 88 ztory

tiz title “‘da bitternezz and tearz on da 88’ az told by da Dongah”

content iz zame ol zhit about how hiz dad made him kill himzelf back in beijing after hiz father miztook him az zlackin off after clazz but actually da Dongah wuz accompaning

and how da firzt piece da Grafman azzigned to him wuz da Rach3 (which he claimz he played b4) and da firzt recital in da Curtiz iz haz da Zhoeman Fatnazi and zhit…

borin az fuck

i lyk Robbah’z verzion bettah. :wood:




da ROBBAH’Z genzui juzt unzurpazzed :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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Respec…I can’t read da picture writin’. :wink:

Thanks for the 411. :dong: