chop 25/9

play dis wit FUUUUUUUUUUUURY and u will see how fuckin wikid it truly iz

turn dis mofo from a lil butterflt to a HUGE MOTHRAHAHAHHHHHHHH

Da Nutsack iz actually wikid in dis


dat is da irony

he realises dat - out of all da ets - he must inject da most work into dis

i like buttaflies



I can play this piece in 3 minutes with 30% accuracy.



how do you do that

i am so impressed

btw i think it is gonna sound [color=yellow][size=200]funny[/size] if it is being played with fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuury

profoundly hilarious, and wikid

i did it in gav speed

haha, respec

its actually not dat hard to play at dat tempo

dis is due to da fact dat most pros dont treat dis as SD rep

when it IS SD REP

dis iz due to da name… dat iz a bit gay 8)

hahahahahaha yep

da chop’s biatch george probably named it

who holds the SD title for 25/9 ?

i remembah da MT iz sub '50



let me rephrase dat -



Da Chairman Of Da SDC

respec moi 8)

He is able to turn a butterfly into a cicida.