Chop-God 10/12 video


some wrong notes here and there, but you get the idea. i’ve been doing this as an encore lately and find that it puts the audience in a better mood after 50 minutes of messiaen


Haha, awesome. :smiley:

Well done! :rudy:

Very VERY nice.

hehe that’s such a funny/unpredictable but sweet encore

well done! it’s a bitch i’m sure

hahahah mannnnnnnnnnn fuckin LEGENDARY :whale: :whale: :whale:


haha mazz rezpec!

holly fuckkkk nice shit man :doc:

whoa, that’s really awesome! rezpec

:whale: :whale: :whale: :whale: :whale: :whale: :whale:


holy that is GREAT. but 50 minutes of messiaen? where do you find an audience for that?

believe me, there are always people who like that. i went to a 3 hour messiaen concert once, and it was PACKED.

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because i would actually love to hear a messiaen concert… shit like that just doesn’t exist in mah poor corner of the world :frowning:

dude, this is really fucking great playing.

(i am doing left hand black key, thinking of doing another lh one)

hhahahaha TRU

and i live in canada a relativly rich cornah of tha world :lib:

Hahaha I wundah da BREN even remembah diz unleazh :whale:


HAHA fuck tiz revived klassik


And now:


Trying to politicize the vids to gain views… and, still at 216 views… in 7 months.


Harshness courtesy of da TM.

Mofo should take SAD to the next level and buy some fuckin views, then tweet it to Trump or another loser Freemason child-eating politician on the fakeass world stage.

hahaha, pozz. i’m actually playing a set of these for a concert next month and started reworking diz!