Chop Schitzo 2

Perhapz a bit shit tier relative to some of da SDC uppah clazz but Im very proud to have accompizhed diz sheeyat, after a couple yearz taking lessons again. Ezpecially to get it sub-10 min! Haz a couple bomb sections but im tired of trying to get a good recording and I get super nervous and sweaty as soon as I press record :sweat_smile:


YOOOOOO let’s hear this. Any mofo dat posts his own unleash is LEGEND. Massive rezpek dude. Working on all 4 of these fuckers now, it’s pretty bitchy in a non-obvious way.

Ooooo you got thicccc daddy. Nice beard too.

fuckkk diz gensui multicam. FUCK diz already a WIKID perf.

haha datz right, da chop fuckah writes innah notes in octs for force you to 5555 dat sheeyat. He pulled da same bullshit in da 25/10, making a fuckah datz way less effective den pimp’s octave writing actually way harder to play. Pozz da weirdest octave writing I ever encountered. What a bitch.

damn, this is hanging together pretty well mofo.

The busoni look! Also respek! I can barely play but I find trying to learn things super interesting and it helps me enjoy listening a lot more.


truuuu dat middle section at 5:33 is bitchy. Flexible as FUCK. Chop definitely got highly unusual writing dats not derived from anything you ever see elsewhere.

FUCKKKK wikid ending fury dude.



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Diz early period Treefingers unleazh.

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Hahaha dayum iz dat still up?! :sweat_smile:
Bazically after that rec I took a 10 year break…so Im pretty happy that Im now much bettah!

Hahaha ya da multi cam gensui… Took me like an hour to learn how to use dis editing software. Ironically the external mic audio I had plugged into the laptop was total shit and I just used my phone audio. Thanks for the comments! Im sure if I worked on it another month I could get a cleaner rec but to be honest rather move on to something new…and since Im juzt an amatcha mofo, I can do that without any worriez!


Da treefingerz went from a genteel prep school look to now a scraggly, world-weary professorial ennui.

da phone audio can often be pretty good, flatter but not nasty sounding… hell, many “pro recs” can make da 88 sound more sheeyat den a fuzzier phone rec DAYUM

Which editing software did you use? I randomly work with Davinci Resolve for multicam editing and color grading… that shit’s free but you need a fast computer.

I work my 3.3 Ghz 6-core 2020 iMAC like a fucker.

Went with one called Lightworks, but I think its just 90-day free trial. I googled “best free video editor” lol…I also saw Davinci on the list but it looked more advanced, so went with this one instead as I didn’t want to spend much time on it.

Rezpek! Da overhead cam shot pretty cool and dis 88 lends itself to :camel: hoofzlamz in da bazz.

Yeah, for some generic angle changes - pretty much any software will do

hahahaha repzec tha legendary TZ! :whale:

wikid playin n very gud tone i think :gav: :doc: