Chop :chop: vz. Pimp :pimp: vz. Bra :Santa: Concertoz [poll]

  • Chop 1
  • Chop 2
  • Pimp 1
  • Pimp 2
  • Pimp TOT
  • Bra 1
  • Bra 2

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I loved da Tot in my early 20s, number 1 piece, but have listened to it maybe 3 times in the past 12-14 years. I could never stay into the Liszt PCs beyond the first 2-3 sections, wish they’d stop there.

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Da Braz are imo objectively the best works, followed closely by da TOT, but da TOT iz my fave. I think da pimpconcz are a bit sheeyat tbh, clearly inferior to da Henzelt for example.


Awaitin da TRUMOFO cuntflicted BRA vz PIMP innah demonic battle


I will say: TOT n Bra 1

I luv da Brahms 2 but would not consider learning those 4 huge hanging dick movements

Randomly, da TM luvs Brahms.

Brahms is often played too limply imho

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Tru this da vlad’s #1 turn off wid da Bra. Get yo No Sag Bra on ladies.


Zpeakin ov da ZIM , hiz concz are zumwut of a benchmark fo moi, da onez wiz Lennie

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Brahms 1 a good concerto Brahms 2 a good concerto in wrong mvt order with a random ghey lib 4th mov

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:santa: all the way

The :santa: cuntcertoz are objectively better workz

In terms of da ztructure, orcheztration, and balance sheeyat- :santa: alzo much more difficult

Cuntcertoz were neva da strong zuite for da PIMP and CHOP

But I chooze :pimp: and :chop: for zonataz over da :santa: any day

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extremely :ghey:

randomly da WOLFCHICK found a perfectly zuitable HARZH tone fo BRA :fire:

hahaha truuuuuuuu

Bra I da winnah and nobody choze Pimp II? Zurprizing…

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Brahms 1’s a great young man’s piece. Tru I should relisten to it. Last time I tried I gave up on it as a thing of the past.

Diz mofo won da LEEDZ comp wiz da bra1

So did Orozco, and I believe Alessio Bax did as well.


Da writin ov da BRA concz juz far lezz ‘zhowy’

Dey iz hardah

Yet zound eaziah, to da average non-88 fanatic in da audience dat iz :dong:


WUT da fuck iz :zkep: about da 4th mvmt?

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The main theme followed by octave spazz such a strange way to shake the amazing third mov magic. Is good on it’s own tho

Meh…I been liztn too much SOCK

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I think it’s gangztah Az fuck!

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