capz muz be chopcomp related, obviouzly 8)

da APPLEBUM -“honey, y arent u entahring?”
da :doc: -“im too old fo diz sheeeyat”


da APPLEBUM -“u cud enthah da jury”
da :doc: -“im too young fo diz sheeeyat”

da :doc: thinks: I’m about to grab da Boobies, just wait after da camera shot.

hahahahah, ghey?

:doc: "Yes, I fully endorse Takaya Sano, a.k.a da HITMAN to win this compeition hands down.

da APPLEBUM: “Yes. I also Agree and will now smile pleazantly.”

Mob Boss (off camera): “Now do it again with more feelin thiz time or elze.”

HAHAHAHAHAHAH da winnah :dong: