Chopet 10/2..... does anyone these days play ALL the notes?

After watching daTRUgod and Claire playin diz on youtube it seemz they frequently omit de middle OR bottom note in de RH.
Itz difficult to tell at the quarter-note=176 tempi they play it at, but I’m almost certain that notez are omitted.
Two other legenary videos of de Chopet 10/2 on YT are Yuma Osaki and Alexej Gorlatch.
They play slightly slower-160-170, still WELL above Chopin’s tempo marking (144). I think Gorlatch playz ALL da notes. I’m not so sure about Yuma.

I am about to make video of diz Etude. Should I play ALL da notez at 144ish or omit notez at 160ish?
I want to play ALL da notez but den the SPEED is diminished.
What is da SDC official opinion on de Chopet 10/2

so much letters, but all i read is arrogance :unamused:

not arrogance… My tech is nowhere NEAR any of those 4 pianists and I wouldn’t pretend it is.
They are all incredible and their performances of dis Chopet are godlike.
They still omitt the inner notes. Even without them, it takes insane tech to play this etude at 176.

I kinda just wanted to talk about it :unamused:

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Rudenkoz iz zloppy. Not de precizion of da trugod.

Rudenko = SICK

precizion of trugod? Rewatch his 10/2 in the Chopin competition - you’ll see how pissed off he gets because he misses notes.

That being said, I think he rules.

he misses a few notez in de competition vid. i think he smilez tho, not lookin pizzed off.
rudenko IZ sick but hiz 10.2 souns sloppy compared to da trugod or claire.

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such a sexy arrangement… i love dat piece. it’s pretty tough too!
sounds harder dan it iz but it’z hard still.

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true is PLETNEV sucks cause he refuses playing piano in public now
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he made a comment in an i-view bout his lifeplans
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