Chopetz :chop: :zif: :rectum: vz. ChopGodz :doc: :lib: - Which iz hardah?

A lezzon fo da TEMPOMOFO

Mozt nucummahz vil no doubt look at da CHOPGODZ az a far hardah zheeyat den da original Chopetz but in da REAL WORLD da moz imprezzive feat iz defined by PERFORMANCE ZTANDARD

Zo we azk which iz hardah between

Playin da Chopgodz az DOC ztudio level

Or playin da original Chopetz @ Friedman 10/7, Richter 10/4, Lhevinne 25/6 etc. level

  • ChopGodz @ Doc :doc: ztudio level
  • ChopEtz @ Benchmark recz level

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I am guessing that all of the posts will focus on the few ChopGodz dat tha DOC played very slow. For this thread to make sense, could we please not focus on those ChopGodz but on the overall playing.


Hahah no diz include all. I wud argue dat even da onez he played fairly fazt…lyk da 10/1… playin da original lyk da :zif: iz hardah den playin da Chopgod at DOC tempo

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Levah 25/6 IZ :doc: ztudio chopgod level :sunglasses:


Hahah betta example required pozz :sunglasses:

I rememba even da :doc: complainin about da friedrice 10/7 tempo :sunglasses:

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Moz difficult onez mozt prob heavily edited

Deez done in one take. Anothah thing to take into cuntzidarashion :lib:

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Well, da Chopgods definitely present mo

FAKERUDY possibilities


Ahahaha truu da 1 take criteria :sunglasses:


1 take, 1 rape :+1:t2:


Benchmark, easily.

Though again - what defines “Benchmark”? That’s gonna be another discussion I think.

Ooohh now i getyat.

yu thinkez i thinkez…difficulty IZT DA PIECE SOLO???

Nah nah brothah. Iz trolleing went over yo hed.

Wen i judged hardness of da pyeze, standardz is “playability” to YOUR standardz, dat iz generly how i would conzidah “hardness”. Hardness = how hard practiz u wud do to make it SOUND LIKE IT IZ NAISE FO U.

den der iz d “technical difficulty” people wil mention, i believ people talk about pleigh the rayt notez, i genrly don’t luk into diz az final indiktor of hardnes.

Playing the Chopin/Godowsky is quite a different thing than actually performing them, in my limited experience.

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By that you mean that there is a considerable difference between just playing the notes, and actually making music out of them?

That, and just the sheer weirdness and complicated nature of the contrapuntal writing makes for a harrowing experience on stage.


Chopin-Godowsky—Study No. 42 “Winterwind”

Tru I rememba diz ominouzly anticipated but neva materialized gensui :sunglasses:

I can only imagine!