chopin 1st concerto, wtf'd with da douchebag

and plays a couple of chopin etudes here:

well not completely, but still

it’s like he has to prove he’s not a musical snob to the point of… orchestrating chopin concerti to include what looks like an organ grinder. This mofo is in serious need of psychiatric help. Oh and it sounds sheeyat. :chop:

So wrong.

diz duchbag…from penizt to circus show monkey…wtf…

I rather enjoy the fact that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s just having fun with his instrument, and he’s already left the classical concert pianist world behind him. So why not.

There’s not taking yourself seriously, then there’s da douche. It’s tacky imo. Though randomly his playing is excellent. :dong:

Also he said he was leaving the classical world because it only appeals to 5% of the population (and would burn his tux, destroy his grands) yet he continues to play the music. Why? seems a bit disingenious re his “common man” mentality. Maybe I’m reading too much into things.


diz 5% quotation

diz mozly grannyz n old cockz, o iz 1 in 20 chix out dere appreciativ ov :chop: :kan: :brotha: :pimp: :rock: ? :stop:

Well very true actually. But then again I didn’t say I liked him, I just enjoyed the fact that. And his playing isn’t that excellent, he should practice them again if he wants to play em 8) . His winterwind wasn’t very articulate and those were probably the ugliest “thirds” I have ever heard.

I’m just saying, you shouldn’t not have fun with your instrument, shows like this are great. But you’re not reading too much into things, I actually agree with that he maybe tries to hard to have that mentality, yet sticks to what he claims he isn’t anymore.

But Duchable is and will always be a fucking douche. Great fingers though :wink:

Duchable strikes me as a guy who obsessed over scales and arpeggios to such a ridiculous extent that he got tired of music.

haha da anima high standards aren’t limited to women. rezpec 8)
though I was mostly referring to the concerto. I didn’t watch past Zygel making half-baked statements about da chop in the etudes vid. Btw I definitely agree about having fun with your instrument that’s why I get mad when the youtube/pf/yahoo groups morons jump up and down when someone makes an irreverent vid (like Koji’s tchaik feinberg, dare vids)

Interezting obzervationjihad.

I belieff dere iz zum truth in dat.

It’s more interesting than Chopin’s orchestration at least.
(for orch: my cock > :chop: of courz)

The fact of the matter is that ‘different’ performances of old works are extremely common and generally accepted. For instance, performance of baroque works on the piano; D. Scarlatti’s music to me sounds very strongly tied to the specific timbre of the harpsichord, yet it’s easier to find piano recordings of most of his sonatas than harpsichord ones (online at least). Historically inaccurate (but awesome regardless) interpretations are also commonplace.

There’s no doubt that this Chopin concerto is much more drastic than the above, but honestly we already have tons of great traditional performances of this work. The common way of playing today (it seems to me) is to more or less discover the composer’s intentions, follow them, then fill in any gaps with a combination of personal creativity and historical research. But a score is really an open document and it’s very possible to blatantly depart from the composer’s intentions and in some ways recompose the work while still conveying many aspects of the composer’s skill (ex. Webern’s arrangement of Bach). Not to say that this necessarily does that, but even nonsensical novelty can have its place on some level.

Reorchestration is, imo, a great way of exposing people to great, older ensemble works. It’s very practical (rounding up an orchestra is difficult; finding random musicians who want to play something and then making something out of it is less so) and it provides a fresh experience for those who are already familiar with the work.

the thing of course is that people have tried to re-orchestrate chopin concerti before and have failed to produce something with the same effect (tausig, cortot et al). This orchestration is just a farce. personally, I don’t want one note of chopin’s orchestration altered. But that’s just me, I love this concerti the way they are.

i agree wiz da hamburglah

da chop original ztill exizt unraped

diz iz juz an experiment, zu vil lyk, othaz wont, but dey can alwayz hear da orig…y complain n bitch lyk fuckin tardz

you’re completely missing the point, he’s NOT doing this as an experiment, and I seriously doubt he thinks it’s a valid arrangement.He’s doing it to appeal to the audience, show that that classical music isn’t just seriousness and stuffed shirts. While I can appreciate what he’s doing, he takes things too far and it’s just a joke. I mean he’s got a fucking organ grinder in there. This is only a few notches above maksim and Clayderman.

He’s doing it for fun.

Big deal.

It’s not like he’s attempting to establish it and concert it, it’s an original concept, with some intellectuality (as opposed to taking a piece of music, and putting a drum machine behind it). As a musician, I was interested by the actual arrangement for folk forces, and don’t think Chopin never indulged in, or enjoyed folk music, because several of his greatest works, and innovations come from the fact he WAS so exposed to his own folk musics (and their instruments).

hahha man

i zeriouzly lykd diz

n randomly

i iz zrzly a

MAKZIM fan 8)

tru diz vid 1 ov da moz gensui in hiztory…

hilitez - da MAK on a horze


da duch still ownz da scales, 3rds, 6ths tech…etc.

da most even playing for sho.