Chopin Berceuse in finale?

Does anyone happen to have a .mus file notated of this piece? Just asking, cuz u never know…

Why don’t you import a midi?

Are you serious? When has importing a MIDI ever turned out well?

The notes are there though, and with a bit of adjusting you have the score.

im curious. why do you want one?

Analysis class, we need to do it on the computer in a word file and whatnot, with the notes as an example. So I need the whole piece notated in a digital file, and since I only have finale as a decent note-pad (get it) I need the .mus file. And seriously, midi is not the way to go.

convert to sibelius, it has music OCR.

or what about taking a pdf and screenshooting it?

lol yeah you’re 3 months late but thanks anyway 8)

:stop: :whale:

Import hoff rec. :rudy:

too good to pass up, i converted from finale myself and the scanning thing is noshit good to use.