Chopin biography

hello all
hope this is the area to post this

im thinking of buying a chopin biography
please some recommendations


Not an actual recommendation but it’s amazing that this exists! -

And given the timing you’re surely aware of this?


ahahahah da CUEVA pozz da WALKAH SDC lurkah account :sunglasses:

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Any of you mofos finish Walker’s Chop bio yet? I might buy the ebook if there’s one available.

i am tempted to get the walker bio / but i eventually got worn out when reading walker´s liszt biography (3 volumes and post-script)

anyone read this ?

The Zamoyski bio is pretty good, though maybe not as detailed as I’d like. Haven’t read the Walker bio yet, but looking forward to it.

Check the ebook depository thread in the elite group for some Music book downloads. The Zamoyski is in there, and the Walker will be up shortly.


Massive respect, Chris!

I’ve read it, and am reading the Walker one now, Walker is better.
Though, they’re both excellent.