Chopin Op. 25 No. 11

From my Junior Recital a few months ago.

hahahah fuckk

i haff zeen diz

u haff pozted yo zepp befo tru?

u i huge


diz mofo zeemz promising.


you was drunk

probably 8)

This might sound a bit weird but I think you should play a little faster than you can handle comfortably. It’ll make it much more exciting. Right now it sounds great but it isn’t as interesting as you could make it. You’ve got some pretty sick mechanics, champ.

Congrats, very nice performance!

That’s a prime example of what NOT to do during a performance.

haha … tru i just thought the same ! :whale:

you can do that in a personal recital, just not during competition, or graduation, or semester recital, or any place with juries.
They HATE ‘individuality’ in music.

but yea, u iz a bit ’ :doc: ’ in the interpretation.

I think that you should take some risk during a recital, if you are playing alone. I mostly play with singers, so I can’t really do that. (if I want to be hired again) :smiley:

this is very good playing. keep it up.

if all pianists then sound the same…then how do the judges know which one to choose as a winner???

Combination of everything -technique, accuracy, speed, stage presence, good looks, and reliability.