Chopin Opus 64-2

Waltz in C# minor?
Anyone got it?

da only waltzs acceptable on dis forum are da (half)minute waltz and da e minor 8)

da rest are too slow

hahaha u obviously didn’t hear da Rock rappin da waltzez / jacko style

OK then… get me a copy of No. 7 in C# minor, once I’ve learnt that I’ll prove that it isn’t too slow :stuck_out_tongue:
The music’s just a guide, doesn’t mean you can’t speed it up… ^_~

A more obvious source: … poser_id=4

Thanks muchly ^-^

well you can speed up da a minor waltz but dat doesnt mean itl’l sound good 8)

You don’t think that sounds good?
You need your head checked by a professional.

i regress

tru, anything can sound good played quickly, but some sheeyat sounds better dan othahs

so if youre gonna learn somethin dat you want to be fast, den learn something dats intended to be fast

if you want to improve your CG, den play something fast dats supposed to be played slow


Mm… I really just want to learn Waltz 7 in C# minor XP

But my acrobat reader is fucked, so I guess that’s out of the question…


iz u da PIP off da south park?

No, I think we can safely say that I am -not- a cartoon…

DAYUM, itz yo real name?

haha, hez da mofo from da Charles Cockenz book 8)

Nod I’m really called Pip. Or Pippa. Or Philippa. Whatever.

Iz you a chick?

ic, so you are not dis mofo den?

Yeah I’m a ‘chick’.
And damn… I love Great Expectations. Although I’d much rather be Estella than Pip.

haha, she was hot in da movie though 8)