Chopin's Ballde No.4

in da past i haff hated the 4th ballade until sometime yesterday wehn i wuz listening to da Ruby rec and found myself getting curiously aroused

in da pazt 24 hrs dis has pozzibly become my favorite piece fo da 88

can someone possibly post a Richter rec. i heard dat dis is best one but sadly i have nevah heard save for small portion in da Enigma vid :rectum:

My 2nd favourite Richter Chopin Ballade 4 rec :


My favourite is just too rare to post here, although it will be on CD in a few years, so just wait for it.

da link does not world fo me and dat piece is not on that website

Works for me: right click, save target as.

Great rec, btw.

my fav interps of the chopin ballades have got to be zimerman’s. after seing a vid of all 4, i immediately made this decision.

Tiz pozzibly da mozt sheeyat comparison.


I heff an extremely rare rec of ziff playing tiz…it was recéd in a recital by an audience member, i love it…

u guessed it…from gff…

zimerman chopin ballades is supreme.

however, da rectum still owns bal2 and 4.

its taking you too much time to think about recs


dayum richter withholds da climax until its just too much

listening to dis rec is kind of like when mah gf give me head and squeeze da bottom of mah cock so i can’t give her da protein until she decides

I was getting ready to go at the gym today so i call up my training partner… And hes like wtf is wrong with you its easter, and everthing is closed. I call at the gym and they ARE closed, probably on monday too.

What a bunch of pussies letting some stupid jeesus’ ressurection shit get in the way of my training