Chopin's Ballde No.4

You all seem to love this piece, but I don’t see why. It’s an amazing piece, but I greatly prefer Ballde No.1 in Gm. To me, it has more emotion attached to it. I truely believe it’s the height of Chopin.

1 Chopin Ballade > all of Beethovens Sonatas

How’s THAT for a comparison? :wink:

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SHIT > alpha-omega1987

now chop is my fave composer, and id rather listen to him than some of beet any day of da week, but to say one ballade is better than all da sons is pure ignorance…
check it out:

the best of chop ballade: 4th

the best sonatas: appa, hammer, tempest, waldstein

4th>appa, hammer, tempest, waldstein?


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and yes, the 4th is 10000000000x way better than the first…a lot more mature and meaningful, u obviously know nothing about chopin, so go suck on ur mom’s dick while fingering ur asshole, u douchebag…

Almost any late work is better than any early Chopin work, the sparkling sound he achieves in his 4th ballade or scherzo is just awesome. But tis always cool to hear the struggle Chopin was fighting with everything and everyone in his early works of course :chop:

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this is soo stupid and foolish to even TRY to compare Chopin Ballades to Beethoven Sonatas . well yes , you can try to compare Chopin to Liszt , or Beethoven with Brahms for example. but this thing u did was totally wrong , because Ballade is totally different from a Sonata which is they vary in the form , the purpose , and the structure of the melody and harmony and how they expand. then , Chopin and Beethoven , different times , yes Beethoven was a fuckin romantic , but its correct to call him still viennese classic , and Chopin was obviously one of the most important romatic period represntants. then in the end :
the Chopin Ballades are the best , but so are Beethoven Sonatas , so are Mozart Sonatas , so Chop sonatas , so is pimpson , so is Ravel gazfart and so are pricksonz. its not by mistake these composers with others that i didnt list are really great composers. u may say i prefer listenin to Chopin dan Beethoven , because so is your imagination retarted but you cant say chop iz bettah than beethoven. please consider the fact that i iz polo and chop iz our national treasure , still i dont defent such case for him

you’re right about that struggling of Chopin , but still , cant you fall for the Fantasie on Polish Airs ? or the early mazurkas ? Chopin became just more of an inside person than an outside person thats y his late works bring sparkling and mystery to the music , but his genius couldnt be avoidable in his all works

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arent u accidentaly making fun of something ?

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well you can’t really split his works up in early-late. when he wasn’t sick his music sounded a lot diffirent too. i’m not saying i don’t like his earlier works, i just like his late works the best. but then again, it depends on my mood, i can be an angry-at-everything-youngster too and then i like other things 8)

the op. 6 mazurka’s are still gems, even if it is only for the intro of the 2nd

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:slight_smile: I detect no fucking difference between the 1st and 4th ballades in terms of “maturity”. I mean… wtf? I know a shitload of people who would agree with on this too. The 1st ballade is much better than the 4th.

You don’t?? Then you ARE an idiot.

Call me whatever you like. I still stand by the 1st as his best.

hahahah tiz actually about even man, 4 iz mo complex n pozzibly mo refined, but da bal1 iz juz pure gensui too

bal 2 n 3 iz almoz juz az wikid too, all gensui

the 4th just feels more like a “finished” work, you can sense more that chopin knew where he was going with it.

of course i love all ballades and the first, the 2nd is also one of my favs.

… It’s all good then. hehe. :chop: