chopzon 3 finale overall tips?

tru, tiz piece is a bitch…

any overall tips? the runs are fine, but the melody with octaves and other intervals in the middle are a random bitch…

and also da skill to keep going and going and going…tiring…


  1. Lizten to da :wood: finale

  2. Choose da different piece to learn.


tru i iz sure da thrac fianle owns…


listen to kapell twill rock thy world

True, Kapell is the true master of the Chopin 3 IMO.

Gould LH mvt 4. :g:

u iz not good enuf to learn tiz.

tiz da truth.


i second da kritty motion.

Hahaha damn, Krit pretty much summed up what I was thinking :slight_smile:

You should play chopsticks, pozzibly

i would like to hear a rec of da milfy for shits and giggles though.

The worst part is the LH the last time the main theme comes. Unless you have a rach-sized hand its fuckin impossible.

damn, why da opposition…noone here has even ever heard me play…the same can be said about most of you who have never posted recs…

Yep; Kapell himself felt that was one of the 2-3 most difficult passages in the standard rep. Most people just slam the pedal down and fake it. :whale:

1 tip-

WEIZZ it 8)

hahah da comme zpeakth da truth