Chuan Yun Li request

Was wondering if anyone could hook a brotha up with some of this ViolinSD’s recs, if any exist. I’ve only seen him on youtube, but I love his awesomeness, like a Cziffra of the violin.

This is the guy btw:


he is fantastic
I have uplaoded 2 of his DVD b4
perhapz zum1 can re-UL? zinca ma UL zpeed here zuckz now

btw, if u watch da Chink movie ‘together’, he playz all da Violin partz

alright, i got a fastah connection tiz month

ripped both DVDz, gonna upload it tonight

You are THA MAN!!! I await it’s arrival… :smiley:

i posted the first one in this same session already, can u see that thread? (i made it available for 100+)

you shud also check out a chinese movie called ‘Together’, about a kid went to the big city (Beijing) to follow a violin maestro, and learnt more about life than just violin

all the music in that movie iz played by da Li (he made a small cameo in it too)