classic SDC - da 1st eva sheeyat

da comme shuld haff preserved da original topic for da sdc instead of deleting all da chop filez sheeyatz. :comme:

hahaha diz a zlite mizconcept

i did a zumwut ZUICIDE BOMBAH ztylee, but i only took out da baghdad, da rez ov iraq wuz ztill intact :doc:

twuz da fuckin lando cunt hu fuckd uz

Diz ChopEt 10/1 iz more than good enuff. (h)

haha da 4 yr anniverz cummah

diz 8)

So Comme’s (in)famous vid is da benchmark? hahaha :ho:

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Da TRUMOFO before da first TRUMOFO account 8)


fuck, how many alts have you had over the years?
it’s sad to think that there are probably kids playing Rach 3 now who weren’t even fucking born when da sdc started. :whale:

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Da TRUMOFO probably had at least 60 alter egoz

Hahaha diz da TRUMOFO himzelf?

I neva did find out. How did da TRUMOFO find diz forum? :sunglasses:

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Dat wuz da TM.

How I found it?
I searched for specific Cziffra concerts, recs, online and found the giant cocktease Cziffra society archive recs listings

Den, like da wtf imbecile dat I was, I made a topic “post all your Cziffra recs here”

Naturally, dat asshole move was not well recieved and I told ya’ll to get fucked by a porcupine.

The rest is history

Hahahaha daim tru I rememba da repeated azkin fo ZIFF live in Torino o zum sheeyat :ziff: :whale:

Dat was much later, but dat particular alt - “trumofo” and later “trumofo1” etc became infamous

N wut inzpired yo name choice

TRUMOFO pozzibly da moz legendary SDC name ov all :sunglasses: I actually think u zhud legally change yo real name to diz

I just wanted to make an account real quick, I juz typed da first nonsense that came to mind and registered with another disposable email

Like all gensui things… it was a total accident

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Haha diz a mo legendary origin ztory den Zpidahmofo Batmofo n Zupahmofo combined :sunglasses:

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Well, batmofo as in

Batshitcrazymofo :tm:

Dey iz juz MOFOz

But u iz da…TRU MOFO :sunglasses:

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I’m pretty sure we used to use the term tru mofo and tru fucking mofo, which inspired the nick. In the early days everything was: tru, or quite or randomly. Quite pozz a legacy of da Egyptian River Ed from pf. That one’s fallen away but the others remain.