classic SDC - da 1st eva sheeyat

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2004 7:06 pm Post subject: Da SDC is recruiting new members!

da Speed Demon Community

founded by da 2 speed fanatics - comme le vent and mazeppa

i am da chairman of da SDC

zepp - is da vice chairman of da SDC

to join da sdc - u must have credentials

to apply - you must learn a ChopEt and be able to play it at some kind of local benchmark.

zepp and i will introduce da worldwide benchmarks soon enough.

you may enter using any SD piece other than a ChopEt - but these are da tru standard mofos dat will get u da most RESPEC!

so who wishes to join ‘l’elite di velocità’?

dis is a replica of da 1st eva post concernin da SDC - by its creator and chairman - Comme_le_Vent

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242 Comme_le_Vent 3005

dere was 242 repies, and 3005 views, dat commands respec 8)

hahahahahahahhaa DAYUM

[size=200]Your post sucks, no one answers… [/size][size=59]beside me…[/size]

hahahaha tru

Ayo. Can a brotha get a known bench-mark list up in hyah? I wanna try dis. 8)

True dat. Howz about sum fukin benchmarks?

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hahaha, de zepp haz to prepare diz meticulouzly

dezpite da fact he iz fazt on de 88, it hilariouz…takez…time 8)

so all of you are pianists. What is your repertoire?

:ziff: i am a pianist too.



hahaha diz iz tear jerkin sheeyat, da memoriez

Hahaha, rezpec!

One of the only pages cached from the archived Chopin Files.

edit: dead link

25/1 in 50 secs. I challenge da mofo that can beat it!

i can probably set a record for op 25 no 12

but that would sound stupid.

I don’t understand this, does it mean I get brothel access or somethin?

ahahahahah tha clazzic POOTIE-TANG

You not come one, but many tine tanies

no :whale: :stop:


fo once da :comme: manage to dizz anotha mofoz 88 ability wiz hiz head held hi 8)

Not too great, but 10/12 in undah 2’00’’. :doc:

haha diz dezerv mo recog pozz :kan: