Clazzic RAV moizt: zightfuckd

Diz randomly a gud zong!
Pozz dezerve to be learnt az a Moiztah?

Aaaahhhhh… even da xsdc mofo zightfuckd this a few months ago!

It’s great, but it’s so hard to find a good performance of it. I might be forgetting someone, but I think I settled on Cherkassky’s studio recording in the end.


da huzh-huzh intro + zhout-out combo AHAHAHAHAHAH :sunglasses:

diz zong a zolid 8/10, bazically in between da ROCK elegy (7/10) n da chop penizt noct (9/10) 8)

ahahahaha da TRUMOFO zmooth moizt control, i predickt inztant hookup wiz multiple female jurahz at da PIMP COMP :sunglasses:

Hahaha daim.

Only if dey is willing to put on schoolgirl outfits 8)

Hahaha ma hottest student requested moi fo 88 lezzonz diz year n harzhly - da zchool cut off ma position entirely

What a loss. I already stocked up on the little free packets of lube from da zchool health n wellness center.

I will juz rezell dem at $1 each on da ztreet

y not zell dem az MAGIKAL FINGAH LUBE fo inztant 88 tech improvement

n advertize it wiz one of yo inzane PIMPET vidz?

$100 each

on da 88 ztreet 8)

ahahahah da xsdc a myteriouz mofo

i requezt a random KAN GRANDZON mvmt1 unleazh from yo azz, fo incluzion in da eventual SDC RAPE DIZK, aka greatezt 88 ALBUM of all tym tru 8)

Haha and sell it to da pimp comp cuntstants.

Performance enhancing lube essential fo da TOT, faust waltz n rappah 10 8)

N da skatahz waltz (tho nobody programmed it dere)

Yeah that would sound good. :unamused: Aside from that summer, which was 2013 or so, I haven’t done any serious work at the piano in well over a decade. But I still find that it comes back relatively quickly if I just sit there a few evenings, both tech - to some degree - and previously learned repertoire. At the moment I’m in ruins however (as the Liszt study I posted earlier this year should have convinced you of…), and the Alkan was also seriously hard - much more so than the Godowsky study I worked on simultaneously. It took months to get it to where I felt I could make music out of it, and even then with severe technical issues in those bars I mentioned in the Lib thread.

Tru though, possibly inspired by fattyfatman I would like to do something at the piano again. Just not sure what. :lib:

Richter plays da Pavane juz to ma taste.

Juzt zublime :blush:

It’s a little too easy going for me? First I’d like that ultra refined sound world of Ravel’s, and then it needs some chewing resistance. There’s sadness at heart of it - IMO - and I think you need to convey that. It’s a piece you process your way through, it can’t be too flowing.

I love the sense of pulse and line despite the slower tempo.
Great tone too…

Yeah it is a good performance. It’s great tone but it’s the wrong tone. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahaha 8)

Richtah very nice tone, a bit slo. I like da Cham foh this.

I like zlow :blush:

ahahaha da zepp wudda been lyk:

har 8)

ahahaha ok if not da KAN clazzic, den an official SDC zanctioned MART-tranz of da PIMP NORMA wud alzo work 8)

Slo is gud, 2 slo is not.

For me, there’s really only da Fev:

Da fev definitely knos wazzap, 1 like from me.