comme contacts da doc

my email to his management -

I am very fortunate to have witnessed (and even met) Mr. Hamelin last november in alnwick(U.K.), living in a remote location like this(I live 8 miles from alnwick) - it was a great privelage to hear an artist of such an incredible calibre perform here.

A dream of mine - is to witness Hamelin again performing my favourite piece for solo piano - Alkan’s symphony.

I know that he is programming this piece regularly in his concerts at present, and I know he is performing a wonderful program at Leeds next month - problem is - this is approximately 125 miles south of me.

Is there ANY chance of Mr. Hamelin ever performing this piece closer to me in future, or will i have to take the long journey?

Also - if possible , is it possible to find out if he intends to perform here, or close to here, again in future? and if so - when?


i’m shor da Doctah will be moved by dis sheeyat 8)

lets hope he is moved 125 miles north 8)


did u wear u shades when typing?



8) 8)

I was at dis Leeds concert 8)

If dre was smart, he’d put a restraining order on the chairman.

koji (STSD)

i concur wit da harshnezz


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hahahaha, da doc iz smart, and he haz 8)