:chop: comp live prelims in April - might be postponed due to da Coronavirus


DA CHOPCUMP Institute wishez to inform yo azz dat da ticket zalez fo da prelimz ov da 18th International CHOPCOMP be temporarily suspended.
We conzidah poztpooning da prelimiz due to da problems with travelling (sic) via airlinzs in da world in the connection with the zpread of corona beer virus. We ask you to follow the website of the Competition, where we update the information.

We be committed to ensuring that every artist who qualifies for the preliminary auditions may participate in them, so dat we is not obligated to send back hundreds of thousands of bribe money. At present, no decision has been reached on a pozzible poztponement of the auditionz. If a rescheduling does become necessary, however, we shall do everything possible to accommodate our artists, ezp da dozens of Cghinese zchoolgirlz with wealthy daddyz. No zcheduling change for the competition itself is being considered. An update will be available when the LISZT of artists who qualify for the prelimz be announced on March 9.

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Izn’t a REZPIRATORY DIZEAZE an appropriate tribute to da :chop:?

Alzo, lol at “poztpooning”.



Special prize fo bezt zpluttahing all ovah da 88 by a cunteztant, pozz.


Oh man, we are getting into controversial territory.

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