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wiki thread - put da onez with ZTREAMZ obviouzly

News about competitions:


Was thinking about this this morning as well!

2020 looks great, but 2019 would have been a bit meh if it hadn’t been for the Tchaikovsky. Leeds and Cliburn are next due in 2021, but it’s maybe too far ahead to bother with at this time.

ahahahaha da HAMAMATZU

pozz worth watchin

deze zmallah compz mo lykly to haff mofoz playin in an SDC approved RAW RAPE ztylee :sunglasses:

Mikhail will file an emergency application and be on the next plane to Japan when he sees this competitor

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I didn’t even realize it is time for Hamamatsu again. I remember I quite liked their last winner, Alexander Gadjiev.

Looking at the list of this year’s contestants… I didn’t know Aljosa Jurinic is still doing competitions. And suitable for a past Chopin finalist, his programs are full of Chopin etudes.

I’ve read some good things about the Polish teenager Piotr Alexewicz but I don’t know how true they are.

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Great, they have streaming from tomorrow: Streaming|Hamamatsu International Piano Competition

Got to love the webmaster too, “This image is the previous image”.

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Haha da HAM prescreen is a random 15 min tape wiz first movement of a classical son n any etude

I applied once n did not pass.

Da Rubinstein comp is invite only… no prescreen. Fill out da app wiz yo resume n 2 letters of rec, n da jury pick 30 mofos to compete. Last time I was not selected becuz I’m not a winnah in otha comps :sunglasses:

Tchaikovsky? No chance, I’m a Russian traitor living in da US. My motha worked with Gergiev personally. 100% round 1 no pass

90% visa problems on way back
60% let’s see your US passport - oops we shredded it by accident

40% getting gaped by a Russian cock in the Army until Trump steps in n pays hostage money :sunglasses:

fuckkkkkkkkkkk, u need to apply again wiz da followin nu information:

"juz got raped by da NAZIz in germland :sunglasses: "

alzo u iz winnah of da firz 3 editionz of da SDC COMP. da MART can provide reference az jury chair :sunglasses:


ahahaha tru diz a bit wtf. derez even a ZHIZH HAM prezcreen vid on da tube wiz an inzanely zheeyat 10/4. bazically 40% of da highzchool TRUMOFO level :sunglasses:

Da Rubinstein juz impossible to get into unless u already won something

Mildly retarded…

da competition fo da comme

tru if da zepp decidez not to entah :sunglasses:

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Ah, this sounds great

International Competition for Outstanding Piano Amateurs


haha harzly da comme application could be rejected becauze

he dun haff a job :sunglasses:


Just tell them you’re a jew.

Yeah fuck that competition.
I haff a story to tell about it - but enough negativity

Is dere a comp to be the dude in the JAV vids?

AHAHAHAHA fuckkkkkkkk diz harzhnezz :sunglasses:

da SDC vil give him a $10 a month zalaried pozition juz to make diz happen :sunglasses:

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Let’s start a patreon poon-style

‘Here, the desire to “win” is outweighed by the love of music. You are going to discover that the Competition for Outstanding amateurs is not a competition but an “anti-competition”. There are no opponents, no competitors, no judges, just music lovers.’


Alzo - Diz


  • Level: the competition is open to all top-level amateur pianists
  • Program: this is no set program
    • Preliminaries: candidate’s choice (10 minutes maximum)
    • Semi-finals: a work by Bach and a romantic composition (15 minutes)
    • Finals: free program (30 minutes)

fuckkkkkkkk if da zepp entah diz comp

da jury vil juz pre-emptively eliminate ma azz fo rule-violation bazed on

da hour-long prog i zubmitted fo da 30min final

wizout givin moi a chance to explain mazelf :sunglasses: