:stop: competition for Chopin op. 25/6

I nominate Cziffra. Ffffuck that shit’s fast. I think it’s about 1:35


according to my count cziffra wins by 4 seconds at least in those recordings… 8)

da PLetnev in da Tch comp

tiz about 1’34 or zth, wif rubato ending


for sheer speed, I guess da MT does a good job

put da Ziff in any program that can slow down…and you will be shocked…I was… (from the phillipz great pianiztz zet). :wood:

you mean that he skips the last couple of thirds in those runs? 8)

of course but it’s not so important when we’re just talking about fury etc. richter had some legendary fuckups with this one too.

Lhevinne’s is best.

Richter’s is also amazing …especially considering his repertoire is 100x as large as Lhevinne’s.

I’m a fan of Freidman personally, I also like the addition he makes at the end (harmonisation). Nice effect.

He’s my favourite too (I love his added scale as well in the thirds run right before the coda)

Pollini :comme:

indeed brilliant!

oh well, my fav iz Orozco, although i’ve never heard a complete :wood: rec

good interp imo but doesn’t compare with the ziff and pletnev :stop: