Compozaz u ztruggle to learn vz. compozaz dat u find eaziah?

I zeem to find da PIMP da eaziezt ovahall to ziteread cuz hiz patternz are often mozt penizdick n he uzez a lot ov ‘formula’(ie predicktably zequenced figurationz)

Da :rocky: I find difficult az fuck becuz he iznt az zymmetrical and zitereadin each bar takez faztidiouz alayzin ov each and every note :whale:

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Zight reading - Da Bra and Scherbert for tonal zheeyat.

:rocky: coz it’s dense and obviouzly difficult.
zongz dat have patterns you’re not use to I find difficult ezpecially to rapid learn. Like zum Ravel, Bloch, Prick…

Fuck I have an awkward difficult time with da CHOP :chop:

Ill take da :rocky: any day

Maybe itz da shape of my hands or some SHEEYAT

edit: I alzo have a very flat fingered style but dat nevah stopped da :ho:

I have a bad time with da zart a. coz I hate his 88 sheeyatz and b. coz I keep feeling da need to play da rh in DNz or octz.

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CHOP and RACH is zumwhat hard for me. PIMP is usually really easy but ZHOE is difficult

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Sight-reading? Bach n Bra

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Bazically da queztion iz…which compozerz ‘patternz’ do u find a natural fit fo yo hand/brain

PIMP iz fo zhor far from eazy and a zheeyat lyk feux folletz iz obviouzly exceptionally hard to ziterape :doc: :lib:

The thing with :pimp: and FF also is that there’s a readily accessible inner logic to the construction, so it tends to be applicable across large areas.


Rach is harder for me to memorize because of da shifting textures n impro stylee

Da Prok is also hard to da memory because of da complex clusters with ever-shifting patterns

Scrib always fit well into ma memory


hardezt to ziteread i wud agree wit tha BACH n tha fuckin BRA :dark_sunglasses:

i want to zay tha ROCK iz “eaziah” becuz how evrythin uzually fitz undah tha handz but i guezz tiz not

but zheeyatz lyk LIGETZ wher u haff to open yo brain to figur out wud pozz top tha lizt


Tru, da Ligets rape yo brain

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The Scrib polyrhythms and LH jumps no fun either

Dey is usually very cleverly written tho. Mofo musta been a damn gud penist

Playing da op 8 set was like blowing 12 dudes in a back alley behind my school for $5 each.

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Exactly my thoughts. Except I’d charge $10