Compozitionz by da golden age 88 pianiztz

da mofoz who were peniztz primarily but alzo cumpozed on da zide

Friedman compozed zum wonderful miniaturez, az did Hofmann

alwayz loved diz beautiful piece by Levitzki…actually betta cumpoza den penizt :sunglasses:

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ahhhh diz piece, very charming and elegantly dramatique

I like that vartanian guy. I wonder how he sound in a hall.

haha this

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8 views since last year. Hmm not as successful as you’d guess for an audience pleasing mofo.

Not 100% convinced by playing Chopin as if he were Johann Strauss Jr.

Nice tone tho.

Did he get lost at 3:48???

He got lost twice! I wonder if this was stitched together last minute. I kind of like that. I agree. I’d bet alone without hijinks these would have been good perfs.

Yes, I’m keen to hear what he can do when he’s prepared.

The parts of a legendary pianist are there but the sense of timing and overall dramatic achitecture a bit loose.

Cut from same cloth as gekic for me though different.


My thoughts exactly. I can’t see how old he is, but shouldn’t he have grown out of that by now?

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He made a double CD for melodya. I snagged it from ebay. Will post in a few weeks. I bet in a studio he’s a bit more on rails though live stuff can be exciting.

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Diz Varta mofo iz DA GREATEZT 88 geniuz of 2day- an pozz. 1 of da 5 greatezt peniztz of all tym. U ain’t zeen nuttin yet. Moi haz zeen hiz perfz. wheh he wuz in hiz prime. Zimply apokalyptik. Extrememofo approved n kuntfirmed. :+1:


Ahahaha diz mofoz ztandardized nick: Vagina Vart


Da QUEEF :sunglasses:


Aftah cuntzideration I favah da QUEEV or QUEEVV but dat’z juzt moi :stuck_out_tongue:

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HAHAHA, da Extrememofo muzt dizagree, az da VARTA dezervez wayyyyy mo’ rezpekkt

…n thuz propozez da nick “da BATTERY” (VARTA batteriez)

Like if u agree zo moi kan add 2 da Rozetta ztone

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Gekic ‘s live pimp Grand Galop in a minor (not chromatique) is one of da most insane shit I have heard live

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