Coq discovers a 2014 rectal recording

digging around in my hard drive and honestly i’d forgotten about these:

  • Brahms Variations on Schumann
  • Godowsky Passacaglia on Schubert
  • Karg-Elert Sexy Moron
  • Hans Gál 3 little pieces (these are some really cute things)
  • +2 encores, as usual for 2014 coq they are Kapustin and a song arrangement

Holy shit!

Da fucking Godo Pazzazheeyat, what a goddamn legend. Will liszten soon, mofo!

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AHAHAHAH REZPEC da COCK :sunglasses:

da GODO pazzacaglizheeyat alzo happen to be

a NA clazzik :sunglasses:


hahahahah tru liztenin to tha PAZZ ryt now :sunglasses:

hahaha n tru tha NA perf i think wuz legendary? i remembah watchin a vid from a random comp pozzibly :lib:


where’s this NA pazz pazz perf I wanna see it

one day maybe i will make a proper recording of it, this one had a little audio blip in the middle of the passacaglia section (just after the first climax) that sounds like a CD skipping lmao

ahahahah TRU twuz da ecomp

diz legendary zong wuz all da rage in elite penizdick circlez circa 2010

da COCK here give a legendary pre-2015 interp

but unfortunately

pozt-2015 da ztandard iz now

da DELUGE 14min interp at da BUZ CUMP

makin all otha pre-2015 PAZZz zound lyk da DOC ztudio chopgodz :sunglasses:

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hahahaha tha DOC influenza on thiz perf mo than a bit legendary dayum :doc:

hahahahah fuckkkkkkkkkkkk tha fury of tha ERL-DONG var imprezziv!

i’m at tha c majah part of tha fugue about to go into tha wikid eminah part…
tru n now tha b minah final build
really enjoyin thiz :dong:
hahahah n now bazta tiz ovah FUCKKKK huge rezpec to tha COQ whut a legend :whale::whale: :icon_stopw_sdc_473::sunglasses:


hahaha dayum doez tha ZEPP haff a link to thiz perf? :sunglasses:

edit: nevah mind found it on tha tube :dong:

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DELUGE perf iz wikid indeed
but phaps not enuf SLAVIC DEATH TANK INCOMING imo :sunglasses:


ahahahaha yo PAZZ iz ztill a top 10 hiztorik perf

i vil keep liztenin to diz fo inzpiration b4 ma random GALA UNLEAZH in 3 hourz :sunglasses:

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Hahaha da zepp zeal ov approval be da highest recommendation dasdc got to offah

I will hear diz genzui tonight Rezpek

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